The first Emperor of China Ying Zheng, the brilliant strategist ‘Sleeping Dragon’ Zhuge Liang, the brave and elegant Zhao Zilong of Changshan, the fearsome and peerless Lü Bu…. what sort of people were they in real life? And what secrets did they keep? Why did their spirits appear thousands of years after their deaths? Their re-emergence will stir up another round of bloodshed in another world….

The story begins in London on the New Year’s Eve of 1999, and a talented but untrained child from the East will embark on a journey of redemption and revenge after tragedy robbed him of his parents and entire clan. It is a world filled with legendary characters from Western and Eastern myths and follow the trials and tribulations of the child as he struggles with the weight of his past and expectations for his future.

Be transported from the scenic River Thames, where the story begins, to the mystical Kunlun Mountain, where our hero trains and grows into the man he needs to become, in order to avenge the deaths of his loved ones.

Be enthralled by the emergence of legendary heroes that you have read from past works of literature and history books. Be terrified by the appearance of demonic figures from the very pits of hell and the darkest parts of our imagination…. They are all very real in the world of the Blood Moon Hunters…

Similar Names 血月猎人团

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Table of contents

Date Translator Title Chapter
01 Jun, 2020TapReadBlood Moon Hunters-258.Chapter 257 Peak Battlec[257]
27 May, 2020TapReadBlood Moon Hunters-257.Chapter 256 Greater Power Catastrophec[256]
22 May, 2020TapReadBlood Moon Hunters-256.Chapter 255 Breaking through with the Thunder Artsc[255]
17 May, 2020TapReadBlood Moon Hunters-255.Chapter 254 It Was Done Herec[254]
12 May, 2020TapReadBlood Moon Hunters-254.Chapter 253 Resurrectionc[253]
07 May, 2020TapReadBlood Moon Hunters-253.Chapter 252 Flowers Bloom for A Thousand Years, and Fall for Another Thousand Yearsc[252]
02 May, 2020TapReadBlood Moon Hunters-252.Chapter 251 Azrael's Wrathc[251]
27 Apr, 2020TapReadBlood Moon Hunters-251.Chapter 250 Oathc[250]
22 Apr, 2020TapReadBlood Moon Hunters-250.Chapter 249 If She Didn't Come Back, Neither Would Ic[249]
20 Apr, 2020TapReadBlood Moon Hunters-249.Chapter 248 Waking with a Startc[248]
18 Apr, 2020TapReadBlood Moon Hunters-248.Chapter 247 Before the Stormc[247]
16 Apr, 2020TapReadBlood Moon Hunters-247.Chapter 246 Hypnosisc[246]
14 Apr, 2020TapReadBlood Moon Hunters-246.Chapter 245 The Peace Dayc[245]
12 Apr, 2020TapReadBlood Moon Hunters-245.Chapter 244 Waking Upc[244]
10 Apr, 2020TapReadBlood Moon Hunters-244.Chapter 243 The Endc[243]
08 Apr, 2020TapReadBlood Moon Hunters-243.Chapter 242 Getting the Bookc[242]
06 Apr, 2020TapReadBlood Moon Hunters-242.Chapter 241 The Solutionc[241]
04 Apr, 2020TapReadBlood Moon Hunters-241.Chapter 240 The Horror of the Forbidden Bookc[240]
02 Apr, 2020TapReadBlood Moon Hunters-240.Chapter 239 Miloc[239]
31 Mar, 2020TapReadBlood Moon Hunters-239.Chapter 238 The Kingc[238]
29 Mar, 2020TapReadBlood Moon Hunters-238.Chapter 237 Killing in Secondsc[237]
27 Mar, 2020TapReadBlood Moon Hunters-237.Chapter 236 A Crushing Defeatc[236]
25 Mar, 2020TapReadBlood Moon Hunters-236.Chapter 235 Slaughtering the Infantesc[235]
23 Mar, 2020TapReadBlood Moon Hunters-235.Chapter 234 It's Great If You're All Rightc[234]
21 Mar, 2020TapReadBlood Moon Hunters-234.Chapter 233 Fighting Fieldc[233]
19 Mar, 2020TapReadBlood Moon Hunters-233.Chapter 232 A Sudden Changec[232]
17 Mar, 2020TapReadBlood Moon Hunters-232.Chapter 231 Fighting the Greater Powersc[231]
15 Mar, 2020TapReadBlood Moon Hunters-231.Chapter 230 Tangled Warfarec[230]
13 Mar, 2020TapReadBlood Moon Hunters-230.Chapter 229 Stepping into that Battlefield Againc[229]
11 Mar, 2020TapReadBlood Moon Hunters-229.Chapter 228 Westminsterc[228]