What if a man walked so fast that his soul could not keep up? Zhou Yuan, an Internet worker, chose to make a deal with a demon, as to get a higher ability with his body by giving up his soul.
The only way to save him was to create a new god. Thus his friends Hao Ning and Liu Shuai tried everything they could to rescue him. They encountered kinds of ghosts, summoned various gods, and borrowed manas from anything or anyone they could take advantage of to fight against evil demons. Surprisingly, they finally knew that the new god was always with them.

Similar Names 众神聊斋

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Table of contents

Date Translator Title Chapter
12 Dec, 2019TapReadCyber Ghosts-163.Chapter 160 See My Treasure on My Hip!c[160]
09 Dec, 2019TapReadCyber Ghosts-162.Chapter 159 My Sky Is the Seac[159]
06 Dec, 2019TapReadCyber Ghosts-161.Chapter 158 Long Fei in Trouble, Soul Coins for Fightc[158]
03 Dec, 2019TapReadCyber Ghosts-160.Chapter 157 Can Technology be Counted as Power?c[157]
30 Nov, 2019TapReadCyber Ghosts-159.Chapter 156 Shocks and Dangers Hauntedc[156]
27 Nov, 2019TapReadCyber Ghosts-158.Chapter 155 Huaxia Gods Guard Huaxiac[155]
24 Nov, 2019TapReadCyber Ghosts-157.Chapter 154 Bewildering godsc[154]
21 Nov, 2019TapReadCyber Ghosts-156.Chapter 153 Ghostly Man Zhuge and “Like Dissolves Like” Principlec[153]
18 Nov, 2019TapReadCyber Ghosts-155.Chapter 152 Shang Fang Valley Has Not Been Burned in Historyc[152]
15 Nov, 2019TapReadCyber Ghosts-154.Chapter 151 Inventing the Soulc[151]
12 Nov, 2019TapReadCyber Ghosts-153.Chapter 150 Spiritual Flying Bugs and Wishes Scripturesc[150]
09 Nov, 2019TapReadCyber Ghosts-152.Chapter 149 Didi Express for Lord of Heaven?c[149]
06 Nov, 2019TapReadCyber Ghosts-151.Chapter 148 Hong Hai'er Ran Away with Avalokitesvara!c[148]
03 Nov, 2019TapReadCyber Ghosts-150.Chapter 147 A Piece of Unexpected Fortunec[147]
31 Oct, 2019TapReadCyber Ghosts-146.Chapter 146 The Distortion of Human Nature and the Deterioration of Moralityc[146]
28 Oct, 2019TapReadCyber Ghosts-145.Chapter 145 Poor Parental Lovec[145]
25 Oct, 2019TapReadCyber Ghosts-144.Chapter 144 The Cause of Yufei’s Deathc[144]
22 Oct, 2019TapReadCyber Ghosts-143.Chapter 143 Divine Power of the North and the Soul Cutterc[143]
19 Oct, 2019TapReadCyber Ghosts-142.Chapter 142 Hao Ning's New Weapon!c[142]
16 Oct, 2019TapReadCyber Ghosts-141.Chapter 141 The Three Body Problem and Inner Strengthc[141]
13 Oct, 2019TapReadCyber Ghosts-140.Chapter140 New Possibilityc[140]
10 Oct, 2019TapReadCyber Ghosts-139.Chapter139 Brothers' Slaughterc[139]
07 Oct, 2019TapReadCyber Ghosts-138.Chapter 138 We Have the Same Misery But Different Fatec[138]
04 Oct, 2019TapReadCyber Ghosts-137.Chapter 137 True Heart Melted Contradictionc[137]
01 Oct, 2019TapReadCyber Ghosts-136.Chapter 136 Flower-Picking Finger Made a Clear Mindc[136]
28 Sep, 2019TapReadCyber Ghosts-135.Chapter 135 Hao Ning Made Up the Karmac[135]
25 Sep, 2019TapReadCyber Ghosts-134.Chapter 134 Crisis of Dragon King Templec[134]
22 Sep, 2019TapReadCyber Ghosts-133.Chapter 133 The Son From a Super Wealthy Familyc[133]
19 Sep, 2019TapReadCyber Ghosts-132.Chapter 132 Everyone has their implicit needsc[132]
16 Sep, 2019TapReadCyber Ghosts-131.Chapter 131 I heard selfish thoughts and the call from old palsc[131]