What if a man walked so fast that his soul could not keep up? Zhou Yuan, an Internet worker, chose to make a deal with a demon, as to get a higher ability with his body by giving up his soul.
The only way to save him was to create a new god. Thus his friends Hao Ning and Liu Shuai tried everything they could to rescue him. They encountered kinds of ghosts, summoned various gods, and borrowed manas from anything or anyone they could take advantage of to fight against evil demons. Surprisingly, they finally knew that the new god was always with them.

Similar Names 众神聊斋

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Table of contents

Date Translator Title Chapter
04 Jun, 2020TapReadCyber Ghosts-212.Chapter 209 Pay by Cardc[209]
28 May, 2020TapReadCyber Ghosts-211.Chapter 208 Violet Jadeite with Green Linesc[208]
21 May, 2020TapReadCyber Ghosts-210.Chapter 207 Stone-gambling Turned into Buying Train Ticketsc[207]
14 May, 2020TapReadCyber Ghosts-209.Chapter 206 The Most Lost Stone Speculationc[206]
07 May, 2020TapReadCyber Ghosts-208.Chapter 205 Let's Go to the Stone Speculationc[205]
30 Apr, 2020TapReadCyber Ghosts-207.Chapter 204 A Great Bookc[204]
23 Apr, 2020TapReadCyber Ghosts-206.Chapter 203 Reliefc[203]
16 Apr, 2020TapReadCyber Ghosts-205.Chapter 202 Obstaclec[202]
13 Apr, 2020TapReadCyber Ghosts-204.Chapter 201 Shockc[201]
10 Apr, 2020TapReadCyber Ghosts-203.Chapter 200 Happinessc[200]
07 Apr, 2020TapReadCyber Ghosts-202.Chapter 199 The Bridge to Hellc[199]
04 Apr, 2020TapReadCyber Ghosts-201.Chapter 198 Hello, Futurec[198]
01 Apr, 2020TapReadCyber Ghosts-200.Chapter 197 Careful Calculationc[197]
29 Mar, 2020TapReadCyber Ghosts-199.Chapter 196 Principles of Reincarnationc[196]
26 Mar, 2020TapReadCyber Ghosts-198.Chapter 195 You Are Overconfidentc[195]
23 Mar, 2020TapReadCyber Ghosts-197.Chapter 194 Pay Your Respects to the Grand Madamc[194]
20 Mar, 2020TapReadCyber Ghosts-196.Chapter 193 Kill Oneself in Imaginationc[193]
17 Mar, 2020TapReadCyber Ghosts-195.Chapter 192 The Duty Real and Fakec[192]
14 Mar, 2020TapReadCyber Ghosts-194.Chapter 191 Deal with Funeral Affairsc[191]
11 Mar, 2020TapReadCyber Ghosts-193.Season 4 Gods Sublimating-Chapter 190 Aborting Avalokitesvarac[190]
08 Mar, 2020TapReadCyber Ghosts-192.Chapter 189 Brain in a Vatc[189]
05 Mar, 2020TapReadCyber Ghosts-191.Chapter 188 Three Treasures the Manjusric[188]
02 Mar, 2020TapReadCyber Ghosts-190.Chapter 187 The Fourth Wallc[187]
28 Feb, 2020TapReadCyber Ghosts-189.Chapter 186 Subtletyc[186]
25 Feb, 2020TapReadCyber Ghosts-188.Chapter 185 Karmac[185]
22 Feb, 2020TapReadCyber Ghosts-187.Chapter 184 Who am I?c[184]
19 Feb, 2020TapReadCyber Ghosts-186.Chapter 183 Yunzhongzi, Keen Words & Vimalakic[183]
16 Feb, 2020TapReadCyber Ghosts-185.Chapter 182 The Manjusri Showed Upc[182]
13 Feb, 2020TapReadCyber Ghosts-184.Chapter 181 The Challenge of Parasitismc[181]
10 Feb, 2020TapReadCyber Ghosts-183.Chapter 180 The Change of Resurgencec[180]