What if a man walked so fast that his soul could not keep up? Zhou Yuan, an Internet worker, chose to make a deal with a demon, as to get a higher ability with his body by giving up his soul.
The only way to save him was to create a new god. Thus his friends Hao Ning and Liu Shuai tried everything they could to rescue him. They encountered kinds of ghosts, summoned various gods, and borrowed manas from anything or anyone they could take advantage of to fight against evil demons. Surprisingly, they finally knew that the new god was always with them.

Similar Names 众神聊斋

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Table of contents

Date Translator Title Chapter
19 Oct, 2019TapReadCyber Ghosts-142.Chapter 142 Hao Ning's New Weapon!c[142]
16 Oct, 2019TapReadCyber Ghosts-141.Chapter 141 The Three Body Problem and Inner Strengthc[141]
13 Oct, 2019TapReadCyber Ghosts-140.Chapter140 New Possibilityc[140]
10 Oct, 2019TapReadCyber Ghosts-139.Chapter139 Brothers' Slaughterc[139]
07 Oct, 2019TapReadCyber Ghosts-138.Chapter 138 We Have the Same Misery But Different Fatec[138]
04 Oct, 2019TapReadCyber Ghosts-137.Chapter 137 True Heart Melted Contradictionc[137]
01 Oct, 2019TapReadCyber Ghosts-136.Chapter 136 Flower-Picking Finger Made a Clear Mindc[136]
28 Sep, 2019TapReadCyber Ghosts-135.Chapter 135 Hao Ning Made Up the Karmac[135]
25 Sep, 2019TapReadCyber Ghosts-134.Chapter 134 Crisis of Dragon King Templec[134]
22 Sep, 2019TapReadCyber Ghosts-133.Chapter 133 The Son From a Super Wealthy Familyc[133]
19 Sep, 2019TapReadCyber Ghosts-132.Chapter 132 Everyone has their implicit needsc[132]
16 Sep, 2019TapReadCyber Ghosts-131.Chapter 131 I heard selfish thoughts and the call from old palsc[131]
13 Sep, 2019TapReadCyber Ghosts-130.Chapter 130 Struggling with Steak and Listening to Anecdotesc[130]
10 Sep, 2019TapReadCyber Ghosts-129.Chapter 129 Nothing but nonexistencec[129]
07 Sep, 2019TapReadCyber Ghosts-128.Chapter 128 Romantic Boy's Lovec[128]
04 Sep, 2019TapReadCyber Ghosts-127.Chapter 127 Get ready, "Master Hongjun"!c[127]
02 Sep, 2019TapReadCyber Ghosts-126.Chapter 126 Became Master Hongjunc[126]
31 Aug, 2019TapReadCyber Ghosts-125.Chapter 125 - Invincible Mightc[125]
29 Aug, 2019TapReadCyber Ghosts-124.Chapter 124 Heartless Fatec[124]
27 Aug, 2019TapReadCyber Ghosts-123.Chapter 123 Hao Ning was in trouble, and profiteers appearedc[123]
25 Aug, 2019TapReadCyber Ghosts-122.Chapter 122 The Magic Weapon? The Magic Weapon!c[122]
23 Aug, 2019TapReadCyber Ghosts-121.Chapter 121 Fake Falling Treasure Coinc[121]
21 Aug, 2019TapReadCyber Ghosts-120.Chapter 120 God Slayer Sectc[120]
19 Aug, 2019TapReadCyber Ghosts-119.Chapter 119 I Am Nezhac[119]
17 Aug, 2019TapReadCyber Ghosts-118.Chapter 118 Nezha and the Secret of Conferred Godsc[118]
15 Aug, 2019TapReadCyber Ghosts-117.Chapter 117 Mr. Feic[117]
13 Aug, 2019TapReadCyber Ghosts-116.Chapter 116 Tens of Face-Slapping Men's Miserable Casesc[116]
11 Aug, 2019TapReadCyber Ghosts-115.Chapter 115 The New Ability of the God of Momentsc[115]
09 Aug, 2019TapReadCyber Ghosts-114.Chapter 114 Human Heart Is Unfathomable, Disturbance Rose Againc[114]
07 Aug, 2019TapReadCyber Ghosts-113.Chapter 113 Indium without Effects, a God's Living for a Menc[113]