What if a man walked so fast that his soul could not keep up? Zhou Yuan, an Internet worker, chose to make a deal with a demon, as to get a higher ability with his body by giving up his soul.
The only way to save him was to create a new god. Thus his friends Hao Ning and Liu Shuai tried everything they could to rescue him. They encountered kinds of ghosts, summoned various gods, and borrowed manas from anything or anyone they could take advantage of to fight against evil demons. Surprisingly, they finally knew that the new god was always with them.

Similar Names 众神聊斋

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Table of contents

Date Translator Title Chapter
20 Jul, 2019TapReadCyber Ghosts-104.Chapter 104 No Wonder You're Poorc[104]
18 Jul, 2019TapReadCyber Ghosts-103.Chapter 103 Save "people"?c[103]
16 Jul, 2019TapReadCyber Ghosts-102.Chapter 102 Fake Acting and True Affectionc[102]
12 Jul, 2019TapReadCyber Ghosts-100.Chapter 100 Devouring and Controlc[100]
10 Jul, 2019TapReadCyber Ghosts-99.Chapter 99 Theseus and Yang Zhuc[99]
08 Jul, 2019TapReadCyber Ghosts-98.Chapter 98 Breaking the Integrity into Piecesc[98]
06 Jul, 2019TapReadCyber Ghosts-97.Chapter 97 Soul Graftingc[97]
04 Jul, 2019TapReadCyber Ghosts-96.Chapter 96 A Book?c[96]
02 Jul, 2019TapReadCyber Ghosts-95.Chapter 95 A Problem of the Wishing Sutrac[95]
30 Jun, 2019TapReadCyber Ghosts-94.Chapter 94 Bestowing to the Letter Pc[94]
28 Jun, 2019TapReadCyber Ghosts-93.Chapter 93 Finding His Original Heartc[93]
26 Jun, 2019TapReadCyber Ghosts-92.Chapter 92 Contemporary Illness Required Contemporary Medicinesc[92]
24 Jun, 2019TapReadCyber Ghosts-91.Chapter 91 Reversion Plots and Bodhisattvac[91]
22 Jun, 2019TapReadCyber Ghosts-90.Chapter 90 Not Allowed to Become Goblinsc[90]
20 Jun, 2019TapReadCyber Ghosts-89.Chapter 89 Strange Diseasesc[89]
18 Jun, 2019TapReadCyber Ghosts-88.Chapter 88 Liu Shuai Was "Mad"c[88]
16 Jun, 2019TapReadCyber Ghosts-87.Chapter 87 Begging with Stylec[87]
14 Jun, 2019TapReadCyber Ghosts-86.Chapter 86 The Moment God Got in Troublec[86]
12 Jun, 2019TapReadCyber Ghosts-85.Chapter 85 Talents of the Moment Godc[85]
10 Jun, 2019TapReadCyber Ghosts-84.Chapter 84 A Dazzling Man's Carc[84]
08 Jun, 2019TapReadCyber Ghosts-83.Chapter 83 Qi Li Died?c[83]
06 Jun, 2019TapReadCyber Ghosts-82.Chapter 82 Not Your WeChat, But Everybody's WeChatc[82]
04 Jun, 2019TapReadCyber Ghosts-81.Chapter 81 Life and Death Talismanc[81]
02 Jun, 2019TapReadCyber Ghosts-80.Chapter 80 How Could Fictions be real?c[80]
31 May, 2019TapReadCyber Ghosts-79.Chapter 79 Founder of WeChat and Spirit of WeChatc[79]
29 May, 2019TapReadCyber Ghosts-78.Chapter 78 Power of Meritc[78]
27 May, 2019TapReadCyber Ghosts-77.Chapter 77 Everything Has a Spiritc[77]
25 May, 2019TapReadCyber Ghosts-76.Chapter 76 Gifts Blind the Eyesc[76]
23 May, 2019TapReadCyber Ghosts-75.Chapter 75 Halfway Yi Yang Fingerc[75]
21 May, 2019TapReadCyber Ghosts-74.Chapter 74 Do You Want to Hit Me?c[74]