New Zealand underwent sudden changes and all humans and animals began to feel unimaginable hunger. At the same time, they begin their transformation into monsters as they feed voraciously.

The chef Bai Yi with his daughter struggles for survival every step of the way, only to find that the entire New Zealand has transformed into a devil island. This, was only the start of the change to the entire world.

Starting from powerful physical strength to mystical skills and then to magnificent battle techniques, will they be able to find a long peaceful future? From the evolution that humanity themselves triggered, the fate of the entire world is completely changed.

Similar Names 灾厄纪元

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Table of contents

Date Translator Title Chapter
10 Dec, 2019TapReadEra-Of-Disaster-265.Chapter 262: Calm And Resolutec[262] v[3]
07 Dec, 2019TapReadEra-Of-Disaster-264.Chapter 261: Figured Outc[261] v[3]
04 Dec, 2019TapReadEra-Of-Disaster-263.Chapter 260: Changesc[260] v[3]
01 Dec, 2019TapReadEra-Of-Disaster-262.Chapter 259: Bai Yi’s Teamc[259] v[3]
28 Nov, 2019TapReadEra-Of-Disaster-261.Chapter 258: Extremely Pure Personalityc[258] v[3]
25 Nov, 2019TapReadEra-Of-Disaster-260.Chapter 257: Rescuedc[257] v[3]
22 Nov, 2019TapReadEra-Of-Disaster-259.Chapter 256: Pulling Each Other’s Feetc[256] v[3]
19 Nov, 2019TapReadEra-Of-Disaster-258.Chapter 255: White Underworld Princessc[255] v[3]
16 Nov, 2019TapReadEra-Of-Disaster-257.Chapter 254: Death Blood Bondc[254] v[3]
13 Nov, 2019TapReadEra-Of-Disaster-256.Chapter 253: Familyc[253] v[3]
10 Nov, 2019TapReadEra-Of-Disaster-255.Chapter 252: Chaos Eruptsc[252] v[3]
07 Nov, 2019TapReadEra-Of-Disaster-254.Chapter 251: Personallyc[251] v[3]
04 Nov, 2019TapReadEra-Of-Disaster-253.Chapter 250: Merry Bridec[250] v[3]
01 Nov, 2019TapReadEra-Of-Disaster-252.Chapter 249: Differencec[249] v[3]
29 Oct, 2019TapReadEra-Of-Disaster-251.Chapter 248: Meeting Again Like Thisc[248] v[3]
26 Oct, 2019TapReadEra-Of-Disaster-250.Chapter 247: Plot With A Hundred Holesc[247] v[3]
23 Oct, 2019TapReadEra-Of-Disaster-249.Chapter 246: It Startsc[246] v[3]
20 Oct, 2019TapReadEra-Of-Disaster-248.Chapter 245: The Wind Startsc[245] v[3]
17 Oct, 2019TapReadEra-Of-Disaster-247.Chapter 244: Flaw And Wrong Roadc[244] v[3]
14 Oct, 2019TapReadEra-Of-Disaster-246.Chapter 243: Three Yearsc[243] v[3]
11 Oct, 2019TapReadEra-Of-Disaster-245.Chapter 242: Unrestrained Visualization Techniquec[242] v[3]
08 Oct, 2019TapReadEra-Of-Disaster-244.Chapter 241: The Third Obstacle: Blossomc[241] v[3]
05 Oct, 2019TapReadEra-Of-Disaster-243.Chapter 240: The First LV3?c[240] v[3]
02 Oct, 2019TapReadEra-Of-Disaster-242.Chapter 239: Understanding The Nature Of The Worldc[239] v[2]
29 Sep, 2019TapReadEra-Of-Disaster-241.Chapter 238: Shortcoming Of Awarenessc[238] v[2]
26 Sep, 2019TapReadEra-Of-Disaster-240.Chapter 237: People’s Changesc[237] v[2]
23 Sep, 2019TapReadEra-Of-Disaster-239.Chapter 236: Prototy Backc[236] v[2]
20 Sep, 2019TapReadEra-Of-Disaster-238.Chapter 235: Queenstownc[235] v[2]
17 Sep, 2019TapReadEra-Of-Disaster-237.Chapter 234: Southern Islandc[234] v[2]
14 Sep, 2019TapReadEra-Of-Disaster-236.Chapter 233: Three Years And Newsc[233] v[2]