When he woke up, Li Te found that he became an American agent.earning tens of thousands of dollars a month, enjoying all kinds of benefits, having the right and money, and having fun, but when he had not had time to be happy, Li Te found that he is actually in Marvel world.
Yes, that’s right, he is in the Marvel Parallel Universe. That Thanos snapping the fingers,will kill half the people in the world.
Just when Li Te was desperate, suddenly get a super download system, can download other people’s ability.
Download the top agent’s fighting skills.
Download Hulk’s invincible body.
Download Iron Man’s latest Mark Battle Armor and inventing ability.
Download the Captain America’s Super Soldier Serum.
Download unlimited gems?
Download the udder of the black widow? …….
This is shameless too much.

Similar Names 漫威:我能无限下载天赋

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