As the second daughter of Ningyuan Army General, Qin Wanru, who had been set up by her so-called mother and elder sister, lost her reputation and suffered a lot on her wedding in her previous life. Now she was reborn and returned to the time before she married to Qi Tianyu, the first son of the magistrate of Jiangzhou.
The rebirth gave her a chance to revenge on her own wedding and uncover the plot of her mother and elder sister. Would she be able to change her fate?

Similar Names 医品太子妃

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Table of contents

Date Translator Title Chapter
03 Jun, 2020TapReadMedical Princess-389.Chapter 386 In Fact, There is Another Witnessc[386]
02 Jun, 2020TapReadMedical Princess-388.Chapter 385 Being Cornered and Slandered by Enemiesc[385]
01 Jun, 2020TapReadMedical Princess-387.Chapter 384 In the Life-and-death Struggle, I Would Be the One Who Lived!c[384]
31 May, 2020TapReadMedical Princess-386.Chapter 383 The On-again-off-again Indecent Couplec[383]
30 May, 2020TapReadMedical Princess-385.Chapter 382 Who Was the Abandoner? Who Was the Castaway?c[382]
29 May, 2020TapReadMedical Princess-384.Chapter 381 A Sneaky Person Always Did Things on the Sneakc[381]
28 May, 2020TapReadMedical Princess-383.Chapter 380 A Prince Who Liked Studying Buddhismc[380]
27 May, 2020TapReadMedical Princess-382.Chapter 379 This Is My Betrothal Giftc[379]
26 May, 2020TapReadMedical Princess-381.Chapter 378 Since the Person Dared to Stretch out His Claws, I'll Chop Them!c[378]
25 May, 2020TapReadMedical Princess-380.Chapter 377 Search Someone Strangely at Nightc[377]
24 May, 2020TapReadMedical Princess-379.Chapter 376 The Mysterious Woman Standing at the Gate of the Palacec[376]
23 May, 2020TapReadMedical Princess-378.Chapter 375 The Seal—a Pine, a Stone and a Chrysanthemumc[375]
22 May, 2020TapReadMedical Princess-377.Chapter 374 Qin Wanru Left Secretly to Explore the Unknownc[374]
21 May, 2020TapReadMedical Princess-376.Chapter 373 General's Calligraphyc[373]
20 May, 2020TapReadMedical Princess-375.Chapter 372 An Aggrieved Prude Who Seemed Pitifulc[372]
19 May, 2020TapReadMedical Princess-374.Chapter 371 Qi Rongzhi Came Here out of Envyc[371]
18 May, 2020TapReadMedical Princess-373.Chapter 370 The Truth Behind Mother and Daughter's Plotc[370]
17 May, 2020TapReadMedical Princess-372.Chapter 369 Chu Liuyue Noticed Qin Wanru for the First Timec[369]
16 May, 2020TapReadMedical Princess-371.Chapter 368 Confess or Not?c[368]
15 May, 2020TapReadMedical Princess-370.Chapter 367 What a Big Trapc[367]
14 May, 2020TapReadMedical Princess-369.Chapter 366 Artful Words and Insinuating Countenance, Who Was Trickedc[366]
13 May, 2020TapReadMedical Princess-368.Chapter 365 Scare Several Granduncles offc[365]
12 May, 2020TapReadMedical Princess-367.Chapter 364 Ruthless Biological Daughterc[364]
11 May, 2020TapReadMedical Princess-366.Chapter 363 The Wind Got Strong and the Trouble Started...c[363]
10 May, 2020TapReadMedical Princess-365.Chapter 362 Proclaim Her Identityc[362]
09 May, 2020TapReadMedical Princess-364.Chapter 361 A Concubine Would Be Sent to the Qin's Mansion?c[361]
08 May, 2020TapReadMedical Princess-363.Chapter 360 The Last Chance, Another Plotc[360]
07 May, 2020TapReadMedical Princess-362.Chapter 359 Madam Di Took the Initiative to Take the Blamec[359]
06 May, 2020TapReadMedical Princess-361.Chapter 358 Shift the Blame onto the Deadc[358]
05 May, 2020TapReadMedical Princess-360.Chapter 357 A Trouble Started, Duke Xing's Mansion Intervened Againc[357]