Ding Ning was just an ordinary youngster from a small border town in southwest China, but he had learned tremendous medical skills from his masters since his childhood. After graduating from college, he stayed in Ninghai City and tried to seek a job in a hospital there, but things did not go well at first. However, he accidentally saved Shen Muqing who was from a rich and powerful family, and then got involved in the confrontation between Ninghai special police team and a mysterious organization called Vampire Mercenary Group in order to protect Ling Yun who was his landlord’s daughter. It became the turning point of his life. After that, he started an incredible adventure during which he would find out the real identities of his father and masters and discover the secrets behind the mysterious organization Vampire Mercenary Group and the special weapons and tactics team Dragon Soul…
The story tells about how he opened nine apertures, fought with rogues, chased after various pretty girls and established a rich and powerful family by himself. He climbed up to the peak of his life step by step, and finally became medical sovereign.

Similar Names 医品至尊

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Table of contents

Date Translator Title Chapter
23 Jan, 2020TapReadMedical Sovereign-337.Chapter 333 Breaking Through the Icec[333]
22 Jan, 2020TapReadMedical Sovereign-336.Chapter 332 The Arrogant Feng Ni'erc[332]
21 Jan, 2020TapReadMedical Sovereign-335.Chapter 331 Zhuo Bufanc[331]
20 Jan, 2020TapReadMedical Sovereign-334.Chapter 330 Long Xiaotian and Feng Ni'erc[330]
19 Jan, 2020TapReadMedical Sovereign-333.Chapter 329 More People Arrivec[329]
18 Jan, 2020TapReadMedical Sovereign-332.Chapter 328 Ning Yec[328]
17 Jan, 2020TapReadMedical Sovereign-331.Chapter 327 Strange White-Haired Personc[327]
16 Jan, 2020TapReadMedical Sovereign-330.Chapter 326 Frozen Seac[326]
15 Jan, 2020TapReadMedical Sovereign-329.Chapter 325 Spell of Savage Soldier's Bodyc[325]
14 Jan, 2020TapReadMedical Sovereign-328.Chapter 324 Shennong Nine-Dragon Cauldronc[324]
13 Jan, 2020TapReadMedical Sovereign-327.Chapter 323 Totemc[323]
12 Jan, 2020TapReadMedical Sovereign-326.Chapter 322 Flowing Lightc[322]
11 Jan, 2020TapReadMedical Sovereign-325.Chapter 321 Secrets of the Ancient Pastc[321]
10 Jan, 2020TapReadMedical Sovereign-324.Chapter 320 Xuan Jic[320]
09 Jan, 2020TapReadMedical Sovereign-323.Chapter 319 Pupil Techniquec[319]
08 Jan, 2020TapReadMedical Sovereign-322.Chapter 318 Door of Lightc[318]
07 Jan, 2020TapReadMedical Sovereign-321.Chapter 317 Mermaidc[317]
06 Jan, 2020TapReadMedical Sovereign-320.Chapter 316 Purple Qi from the Eastc[316]
05 Jan, 2020TapReadMedical Sovereign-319.Chapter 315 Experimentc[315]
04 Jan, 2020TapReadMedical Sovereign-318.Chapter 314 Birthday Giftc[314]
03 Jan, 2020TapReadMedical Sovereign-317.Chapter 313 The Manor Planc[313]
02 Jan, 2020TapReadMedical Sovereign-316.Chapter 312 The Murong Family's Affairc[312]
01 Jan, 2020TapReadMedical Sovereign-315.Chapter 311 Sky-High Pricesc[311]
31 Dec, 2019TapReadMedical Sovereign-314.Chapter 310 Xiaoyao Expresses Lovec[310]
30 Dec, 2019TapReadMedical Sovereign-313.Chapter 309 I Have An Elder Sister?c[309]
29 Dec, 2019TapReadMedical Sovereign-312.Chapter 308 The Strongest Defensec[308]
28 Dec, 2019TapReadMedical Sovereign-311.Chapter 307 Fighting Ability Comparisonc[307]
24 Dec, 2019TapReadMedical Sovereign-307.Chapter 303 Safety Deposit Boxc[303]
23 Dec, 2019TapReadMedical Sovereign-306.Chapter 302 A Different Kind of Confessionc[302]
22 Dec, 2019TapReadMedical Sovereign-305.Chapter 301 The Pastc[301]