Murong Zhining led a life of running constantly in a plight before she settled down in the Zhuang family as their (supposed) daughter-in-law. Until, one day, the Zhuang Estate… collapsed.

Follow the girl as she unraveled the mystery of her identity through three seemingly unrelated objects leading to the treasure that entangled their fates.

Between a king and a general, who would be the one to yield to the phoenix and offer her the world with two hands? Who would be the one to win her heart?

Similar Names 天下归凰

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Table of contents

Date Translator Title Chapter
22 Jan, 2020TapReadReign of the Phoenix-103.Chapter 95 – First Young Miss Shen’s Bitter Silent Sufferingc[95]
20 Jan, 2020TapReadReign of the Phoenix-102.Chapter 94 – The Mystery Case Even the Imperial Security Office Couldn't Solvec[94]
18 Jan, 2020TapReadReign of the Phoenix-101.Chapter 93 – The Ghost Appearsc[93]
16 Jan, 2020TapReadReign of the Phoenix-100.Chapter 92 – The Abandoned House Lives a Female Ghost that Reaps Livesc[92]
14 Jan, 2020TapReadReign of the Phoenix-99.Chapter 91 – The Secret Chamber in the Zhuang Estatec[91]
12 Jan, 2020TapReadReign of the Phoenix-98.Chapter 90 – Family Banquet in the Ning Estatec[90]
10 Jan, 2020TapReadReign of the Phoenix-97.Chapter 89 – Unable to Accept His Princely Identityc[89]
08 Jan, 2020TapReadReign of the Phoenix-96.Chapter 88 – Faking Deathc[88]
06 Jan, 2020TapReadReign of the Phoenix-95.Chapter 87 – General is Poisonedc[87]
04 Jan, 2020TapReadReign of the Phoenix-94.Chapter 86 – The General's Big Brother-In-Lawc[86]
02 Jan, 2020TapReadReign of the Phoenix-93.Chapter 85 – The General's Illusion Landc[85]
31 Dec, 2019TapReadReign of the Phoenix-92.Chapter 84 – A Mushroom that Produces Hallucinationc[84]
29 Dec, 2019TapReadReign of the Phoenix-91.Chapter 83 – Immortal Soldiers Break the Cityc[83]
23 Dec, 2019TapReadReign of the Phoenix-88.Chapter 80 – An Entrusted Blood Letterc[80]
21 Dec, 2019TapReadReign of the Phoenix-87.Chapter 79 – It’s a Small Worldc[79]
19 Dec, 2019TapReadReign of the Phoenix-86.Chapter 78 – Chopping off the Claw of Grand Marshal Yaoc[78]
17 Dec, 2019TapReadReign of the Phoenix-85.Chapter 77 – Kill to Seal the Secretc[77]
15 Dec, 2019TapReadReign of the Phoenix-84.Chapter 76 – The Situation Spins out of Controlc[76]
13 Dec, 2019TapReadReign of the Phoenix-83.Chapter 75 – Imminent Threatc[75]
11 Dec, 2019TapReadReign of the Phoenix-82.Chapter 74 – Memory Fragmentsc[74]
09 Dec, 2019TapReadReign of the Phoenix-81.Chapter 73 – The General is an Uninteresting Personc[73]
07 Dec, 2019TapReadReign of the Phoenix-80.Chapter 72 – Not a Pleasantly Surprised Reunionc[72]
05 Dec, 2019TapReadReign of the Phoenix-79.Chapter 71 – Only One of You can Livec[71]
03 Dec, 2019TapReadReign of the Phoenix-78.Chapter 70 – Heart Achesc[70]
01 Dec, 2019TapReadReign of the Phoenix-77.Chapter 69 – Red Lycorisc[69]
29 Nov, 2019TapReadReign of the Phoenix-76.Chapter 68 – Losing the Antidotec[68]
27 Nov, 2019TapReadReign of the Phoenix-75.Chapter 67 – There is No Such Thing as the Legendary “Secrets of Emperor Qin”c[67]
25 Nov, 2019TapReadReign of the Phoenix-74.Chapter 66 – Nearly Caught in the Mechanismc[66]
23 Nov, 2019TapReadReign of the Phoenix-73.Chapter 65 – Underwater Treasurec[65]
21 Nov, 2019TapReadReign of the Phoenix-72.Chapter 64 – She is No Longer Princessc[64]