How much must an ordinary man go through and sacrifice in order to become a formidable person?

Standing on the bank of the Huangpu River, staring at the bustling and restless city before him, Qin Sheng narrowed his eyes and quietly said, “One day, this city will remember me for many years to come…”

Refusing mediocrity, the strongest counterattack.

Similar Names 最强逆袭

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Table of contents

Date Translator Title Chapter
22 Jan, 2020TapReadStrongest Counterattack-327.Chapter 307 A Disturbance Arosec[307]
20 Jan, 2020TapReadStrongest Counterattack-326.Chapter 306 Qin Sheng Did Not Disappoint Qin Changanc[306]
18 Jan, 2020TapReadStrongest Counterattack-325.Chapter 305 Completely Alivec[305]
16 Jan, 2020TapReadStrongest Counterattack-324.Chapter 304 Fight Againc[304]
14 Jan, 2020TapReadStrongest Counterattack-323.Chapter 303 Take Things As They Comec[303]
12 Jan, 2020TapReadStrongest Counterattack-322.Chapter 302 What the Hell?c[302]
10 Jan, 2020TapReadStrongest Counterattack-321.Chapter 301 He Surrenderedc[301]
08 Jan, 2020TapReadStrongest Counterattack-320.Chapter 300 Never Give inc[300]
06 Jan, 2020TapReadStrongest Counterattack-319.Chapter 299 A Hard Decisionc[299]
04 Jan, 2020TapReadStrongest Counterattack-318.Chapter 298 Hiding the Truthc[298]
02 Jan, 2020TapReadStrongest Counterattack-317.Chapter 297 You Know Who I Amc[297]
31 Dec, 2019TapReadStrongest Counterattack-316.Chapter 296 Bare Humiliationc[296]
29 Dec, 2019TapReadStrongest Counterattack-315.Chapter 295 Your Wish Shall Be My Commandc[295]
23 Dec, 2019TapReadStrongest Counterattack-312.Chapter 292 How to Face Yan Chaozong?c[292]
21 Dec, 2019TapReadStrongest Counterattack-311.Chapter 291 When Will I Meet Yan Chaozong?c[291]
19 Dec, 2019TapReadStrongest Counterattack-310.Chapter 290 Who Made This Decision?c[290]
17 Dec, 2019TapReadStrongest Counterattack-309.Chapter 289 Absolutely Impossiblec[289]
15 Dec, 2019TapReadStrongest Counterattack-308.Chapter 288 Look for Troublec[288]
13 Dec, 2019TapReadStrongest Counterattack-307.Chapter 287 No Need to Considerc[287]
11 Dec, 2019TapReadStrongest Counterattack-306.Chapter 286 Forget Itc[286]
09 Dec, 2019TapReadStrongest Counterattack-305.Chapter 285 What Do You Think of This?c[285]
07 Dec, 2019TapReadStrongest Counterattack-304.Chapter 284 Who's Behind It?c[284]
05 Dec, 2019TapReadStrongest Counterattack-303.Chapter 283 Something Happenedc[283]
03 Dec, 2019TapReadStrongest Counterattack-302.Chapter 282 Windfallc[282]
02 Dec, 2019TapReadStrongest Counterattack-301.Chapter 281 Not Goingc[281]
01 Dec, 2019TapReadStrongest Counterattack-300.Chapter 280 A Stunning Work (Part Two)c[280]
30 Nov, 2019TapReadStrongest Counterattack-299.Chapter 279 A Stunning Work (Part One)c[279]
29 Nov, 2019TapReadStrongest Counterattack-298.Chapter 278 Running into a Member of the Lin Family Againc[278]
28 Nov, 2019TapReadStrongest Counterattack-297.Chapter 277 What a Small Worldc[277]
27 Nov, 2019TapReadStrongest Counterattack-296.Chapter 276 In One Goc[276]