The stunning Prince, who draws all the attention in the vicinity–

–and the Earl’s daughter, Sharina Clydea, the average student.

…At first, I thought I was uninterested in men.

However, I was soon proven wrong when I met a plain and brooding bookworm in the school backyard.

–Riol Glen; the third son of a poor Baron who lived in the countryside.

Nevertheless, he never took me seriously, no matter how bold my attack was.

Moreover, the prince of this country suddenly called out to me for some reason;

“For you to not be interested in me… heh. aren’t you an interesting one?” He said.

It’s a romance story involving a girl who chases after her love despite all the rejections.

Similar Names Gariben jimi moe reijō wa, oresama ōji nado oyobidenai

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