The discovery of an invincible sword in the Mortal Realm brought about blood and carnage in its wake. Follow the tale of a group of young friends from a small town and their strange experiences… with the supernatural. So began the adventures of these young friends as they encountered the paranormal, the ghastly, and the indescribable, as they wended their ways to unravel mysteries and uncover secrets that would make your hair curl…

Similar Names 怪谈无终

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Table of contents

Date Translator Title Chapter
17 Feb, 2020TapReadThe Tale Never Ends-187.Chapter 168 The Chief of Clan Zhangc[168] v[7]
14 Feb, 2020TapReadThe Tale Never Ends-186.Chapter 167 Repast of Reparationc[167] v[7]
11 Feb, 2020TapReadThe Tale Never Ends-185.Volume 7 Unraveling the Enigma-Chapter 166 Reacquainting the Championsc[166] v[7]
08 Feb, 2020TapReadThe Tale Never Ends-184.Chapter 165 The Hillside Huntc[165]
05 Feb, 2020TapReadThe Tale Never Ends-181.Chapter 164 Battle in the Blindc[164]
02 Feb, 2020TapReadThe Tale Never Ends-180.Chapter 163 Dueling Below the Hillc[163]
30 Jan, 2020TapReadThe Tale Never Ends-179.Chapter 162 Disturbing Discoveriesc[162]
27 Jan, 2020TapReadThe Tale Never Ends-178.Chapter 161 The Zoomorphic Deities of Shamanismc[161]
24 Jan, 2020TapReadThe Tale Never Ends-176.Chapter 160 A Walk in the Lost Settlementc[160]
21 Jan, 2020TapReadThe Tale Never Ends-175.Chapter 159 The Foxes of the Yellow Soil Ridgec[159]
18 Jan, 2020TapReadThe Tale Never Ends-174.Chapter 158 Lost Paradisec[158]
15 Jan, 2020TapReadThe Tale Never Ends-173.Chapter 157 The Yellow Soil Ridgec[157]
12 Jan, 2020TapReadThe Tale Never Ends-172.Chapter 156 Lao Taoc[156]
09 Jan, 2020TapReadThe Tale Never Ends-171.Chapter 155 Trump Card: Zheng Shuangc[155]
06 Jan, 2020TapReadThe Tale Never Ends-170.Chapter 154 Celebrityc[154]
03 Jan, 2020TapReadThe Tale Never Ends-169.Chapter 153 Canine Conflictc[153]
31 Dec, 2019TapReadThe Tale Never Ends-168.Chapter 152 The Crucible of Heavenc[152]
28 Dec, 2019TapReadThe Tale Never Ends-167.Chapter 151 Faring with Foxesc[151]
22 Dec, 2019TapReadThe Tale Never Ends-165.Chapter 149 Teacherc[149]
19 Dec, 2019TapReadThe Tale Never Ends-164.Chapter 148 The Charlatanc[148]
16 Dec, 2019TapReadThe Tale Never Ends-163.Chapter 147 Real Dealc[147]
13 Dec, 2019TapReadThe Tale Never Ends-162.Chapter 146 Chongxi and Shiyanc[146]
10 Dec, 2019TapReadThe Tale Never Ends-161.Chapter 145 Uncanny Coincidencec[145]
07 Dec, 2019TapReadThe Tale Never Ends-160.Chapter 144 Farcec[144]
04 Dec, 2019TapReadThe Tale Never Ends-159.Chapter 143 Plans for New Year's Evec[143]
01 Dec, 2019TapReadThe Tale Never Ends-158.Chapter 142 Zero Remorsec[142]
28 Nov, 2019TapReadThe Tale Never Ends-155.Chapter 141 Wiped offc[141]
25 Nov, 2019TapReadThe Tale Never Ends-154.Chapter 140 The Forest Spritec[140]
22 Nov, 2019TapReadThe Tale Never Ends-153.Chapter 139 Night's Errandc[139]
19 Nov, 2019TapReadThe Tale Never Ends-152.Chapter 138 Checkmating the Weaselsc[138]