“For every debt there is a debtor, you and I have no past grudges , nor recent hatred, this is my place of duty, executing orders, please pardon me”

In his previous life, Yang Chen was benevolent, but he was bullied all his life.

Reborn , Yang Chen chose to become an Executioner, settling all gratitude and grudges with the executioner’s blade, beheading the common people on the Immortal Executioner Stage.

Behead men in the world of men!

Behead demons in the world of demons!

Behead devils in the world of devils!

Behead immortals in the world of immortals!

Similar Names Beheading Immortal
Immortal Executioner

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Table of contents

Date Translator Title Chapter
29 May, 2020xianxianovelZhanxian-chapter 420.1: Breakthroughc[420]
03 Jun, 2020xianxianovelZhanxian-chapter 420.2: Breakthroughc[420]
23 May, 2020xianxianovelZhanxian-chapter 419.1: Dragon Tombc[419]
25 May, 2020xianxianovelZhanxian-chapter 419.2: Dragon Tombc[419]
15 May, 2020xianxianovelZhanxian-chapter 418.2: Tenth Water Flying Sword Raw Materialc[418]
09 May, 2020xianxianovelZhanxian-chapter 417.2: Disruptionc[417]
09 May, 2020xianxianovelZhanxian-chapter 417.1: Disruptionc[417]
10 May, 2020xianxianovelZhanxian-chapter 417.2: Tenth Water Flying Sword Raw Materialc[417]
01 May, 2020xianxianovelZhanxian-chapter 416.1: Sea Of No Returnc[416]
05 May, 2020xianxianovelZhanxian-chapter 416.2: Sea Of No Returnc[416]
21 Apr, 2020xianxianovelZhanxian-chapter 415.1: Vigorous Ape King Body Refining Techniquec[415]
27 Apr, 2020xianxianovelZhanxian-chapter 415.2: Vigorous Ape King Body Refining Techniquec[415]
12 Apr, 2020xianxianovelZhanxian-chapter 414.1: Long Term Cooperationc[414]
17 Apr, 2020xianxianovelZhanxian-chapter 414.2: Long Term Cooperationc[414]
09 Apr, 2020xianxianovelZhanxian-chapter 413.1: Emotionsc[413]
11 Apr, 2020xianxianovelZhanxian-chapter 413.2: Emotionsc[413]
07 Apr, 2020xianxianovelZhanxian-chapter 412.2: You Forced Mec[412]
02 Apr, 2020xianxianovelZhanxian-chapter 412.1: You Forced Mec[412]
28 Mar, 2020xianxianovelZhanxian-chapter 411.1: Stay Behindc[411]
31 Mar, 2020xianxianovelZhanxian-chapter 411.2: Stay Behindc[411]
23 Mar, 2020xianxianovelZhanxian-chapter 410.2: We Are Not Here To Be Reasonablec[410]
18 Mar, 2020xianxianovelZhanxian-chapter 410.1: We Are Not Here To Be Reasonablec[410]
14 Mar, 2020xianxianovelZhanxian-chapter 409.2: Hidden Dragon Cavec[409]
11 Mar, 2020xianxianovelZhanxian-chapter 409.1: Hidden Dragon Cavec[409]
04 Mar, 2020xianxianovelZhanxian-chapter 408.1: This Is Poison Not Sicknessc[408]
04 Mar, 2020xianxianovelZhanxian-chapter 408.2: This Is Poison Not Sicknessc[408]
01 Mar, 2020xianxianovelZhanxian-chapter 407.2: killingc[407]
28 Feb, 2020xianxianovelZhanxian-chapter 407.1: killingc[407]
21 Feb, 2020xianxianovelZhanxian-chapter 406.1: killing People To Pick A Quarrelc[406]
26 Feb, 2020xianxianovelZhanxian-chapter 406.2: killing People To Pick A Quarrelc[406]