Chrysanthemum Garden



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Translation index

Date Title Chapter
05 Apr, 2020TWF Ch50 - Tiger’s Teeth and Crane’s Beakc50
05 Apr, 2020IHM Ch148 - Xi Shuangyunc148
05 Apr, 2020LEW Chapter 134c134
05 Apr, 2020VEN Ch96 - Real Lord Four’s Tacticsc96
04 Apr, 2020PD Ch132 - Chen Liguo has an ability tooc132[v4]
04 Apr, 2020DYLM Ch80 - [Extra: The Pianist] First bow to the heaven and earth.c80
04 Apr, 2020LEW Chapter 133c133
04 Apr, 2020LEW Chapter 132c132
04 Apr, 2020NTNH Ch62 - Performance Guest Kinnarac62
04 Apr, 2020NHAD Chapter 23.6c23
04 Apr, 2020APDSH Chapter 103c103
04 Apr, 2020GAME Chapter 62.3c62
04 Apr, 2020DINGHAI Ch49.2 - Light Intellectual Conversationc49
04 Apr, 2020DINGHAI Ch49.1 - Light Intellectual Conversationc49
04 Apr, 2020SOD Ch35.1 - I want to kiss youc35
03 Apr, 2020RSCB Ch336 - Magic Tool to Attract Lightningc336
03 Apr, 2020CTS Ch68 - Against heaven and earth (27)c68
03 Apr, 2020BMPP Ch21.3 - 21.3 Interstellar Zerg (3.3)c21
03 Apr, 2020SBIM Ch48 - He Made It Through All of Thatc48
03 Apr, 2020PBD Chapter 38c38
03 Apr, 2020SCSG Ch81 - At Your Beck and Call~c81
02 Apr, 2020ROEDM Ch67 - The Villain Continues to get Injuredc67
02 Apr, 2020RSCB Ch335 - Not Giving Facec335
02 Apr, 2020MPCD Ch048 - Thoughtful BOY & Scheming Male Godc48
02 Apr, 2020SBIM Ch47 - You Don’t Know the Reason I Didn’t Invite You?c47
02 Apr, 2020NTNH Ch61 - Datec61
02 Apr, 2020IHM Ch147 - A Henchman’s Change of Heartc147
01 Apr, 2020PANDA Ch35 - Confrontation Between the Admiral and the Zebra Painted Cheng Fengc35
01 Apr, 2020RSCB Ch334 - Master of Wishing Lanec334
01 Apr, 2020VEN Ch95 - Provincial Competition – Reaper Endc95