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Translation index

Date Title Chapter
20 Oct, 2019Medical Princess-155.Chapter 154 The Loss of Dowry Was an Abyss!c154
20 Oct, 2019The Devious First-Daughter-154.Chapter 154 Sister, I Don't Understand What You Were Sayingc154
20 Oct, 2019Lady Lin’s First-ever Journey to Immortality-164.Chapter 163 Home, sweet homec163
20 Oct, 2019100% Love from the Boss-162.Chapter 156 Top Authorityc156
20 Oct, 2019Heyday Love: A Heaven-sent Husband-163.Chapter 163 Pamper Herc163
20 Oct, 2019Buy a Daddy to Baby My Mommy-164.Chapter 163 I Want to Accompany Youc163
20 Oct, 2019Stunning Poisonous Doctor Princess-163.Chapter 163 Dog Tooth and Cinnabarc163
20 Oct, 2019Open a Clinic to Cultivate Myself-163.Chapter 163 Having Rules for Treating Patientsc163
20 Oct, 2019Defiant Martial God-141.Chapter 141 Qing Yun’s Whereaboutsc141
20 Oct, 2019Tranxending Vision-382.Chapter 379 - The Victory Bonusc379
20 Oct, 2019Supreme Emperor of Swords-277.Chapter 274 Siege and Reverse Killingc274[v1]
20 Oct, 2019The Transcendent Immortal-281.Chapter 274 Assassinsc274
20 Oct, 2019Super Urban Master-281.Chapter 278 Attack Shanxian Townc278
20 Oct, 2019An Exclusive love-280.Chapter 278 One Buck, That's The Price on Your Headc278
20 Oct, 2019Return of the Net Gaming Monarch-379.Chapter 379 - Shark Bayc379
20 Oct, 2019Warlord-384.Chapter 380 - Dong Shou (II)c380
20 Oct, 2019Repugnant Gateway-384.Chapter 379 - Blood Curse: Symbol Demon!c379
20 Oct, 2019Upgrade Specialist in Another World-471.Chapter 465: Essence Lightningseedc465[v8]
20 Oct, 2019Imperial God Emperor-457.Chapter 473, Domain gatec473
20 Oct, 2019Talisman Emperor-478.Chapter 475 – His Waitc475
20 Oct, 2019Lord of all Realms-456.Chapter 455: Remaining Evil from the Bone Sectc455
20 Oct, 2019Sundering Nature-172.Chapter 172c172[v9]
20 Oct, 2019Phoenix Ascending-255.Chapter 255: Poisonc255
20 Oct, 2019Against the Gods-499.Chapter 495 - Number One Under Heavenc495
20 Oct, 2019Divine Throne of Primordial Blood-498.Chapter 353: Metal Blockc353[v5]
20 Oct, 2019Master of the Stars-353.Chapter 351: To the Cloud (Part 3/3)c351[v7]
20 Oct, 2019Era-Of-Disaster-248.Chapter 245: The Wind Startsc245[v3]
20 Oct, 2019The Complete Guide to the Use and Care of a Personal Assistant-62.Chapter 62c62
20 Oct, 2019The Best Actor's Courtship: Miss Scriptwriter, Please Love Me!-274.Chapter 274 Establish the Prestigec274
20 Oct, 2019Sweet Chief Secretary-279.Chapter 278: Beating A Man to the Hospitalc278