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Translation index

Date Title Chapter
08 Aug, 2020Teleportations — I Wanna Be An Online Celebrity-344.Chapter 343 Internal Disorderc343
08 Aug, 2020Reborn Girl's New Life-408.Chapter 401 Medicine Switch Planc401
08 Aug, 2020Reincarnation - The Divine Doctor and Stay-at-home Dad-564.Chapter 562 Goodbye Qin Zonghengc562
08 Aug, 2020The Medical Guru-555.Chapter 555 Spilled the Beans!c555[v2]
08 Aug, 2020Young Master Lu's Lovely New Bride-570.Chapter 552 She Did Love Shen Yuechuanc552
08 Aug, 2020The Tale Never Ends-337.Chapter 304 Mr. Li Againc304[v7]
08 Aug, 2020Medical Princess-490.Chapter 487 A Silence Room, Two People Seizing Itc487
08 Aug, 2020The Devious First-Daughter-459.Chapter 459 The Teacup Was Brokenc459
08 Aug, 2020Buy a Daddy to Baby My Mommy-459.Chapter 456 Uncertain of His Lifec456
08 Aug, 2020Upgrade Specialist in Another World-764.Chapter 758: That Figure....c758[v4]
08 Aug, 2020Battling Records of the Chosen One-226.Chapter 224 Secret of Lin Xun’s Originc224
08 Aug, 2020Imperial God Emperor-750.Chapter 766 - Lightning Domainc766
08 Aug, 2020Talisman Emperor-771.Chapter 768 – Who Is Senior Brother?c768
08 Aug, 2020Lord of all Realms-749.Chapter 748: Fierce Battlec748
08 Aug, 2020Against the Gods-793.Chapter 788 - My Jasmine (1)c788
08 Aug, 2020Divine Throne of Primordial Blood-792.Chapter 646: Playing Second Fiddlec646[v7]
08 Aug, 2020Boss Mo's Predestined Love Brought by Surrogacy-382.Chapter 380 Goodbye, Jiang Jingchengc380
08 Aug, 2020Godly Stay-Home Dad-669.Chapter 658 Capital Competition?c658[v172]
07 Aug, 2020Reborn: Femme Fatale First Daughter-533.Chapter 533 A Fight, Yu Mingyong VS Lian Anc533
07 Aug, 2020The Coming Heroine: The Only Princess-309.Chapter 305 Turning the Enemy into a Friendc305
07 Aug, 2020Teleportations — I Wanna Be An Online Celebrity-342.Chapter 341 Charging Through the Frontlinec341
07 Aug, 2020Reborn Girl's New Life-407.Chapter 400 Exclusion and Suppressionc400
07 Aug, 2020Reincarnation - The Divine Doctor and Stay-at-home Dad-563.Chapter 561 Number One Expert In The Capitalc561
07 Aug, 2020The Medical Guru-554.Chapter 554 Find the Person Pulling the Strings!c554[v2]
07 Aug, 2020Young Master Lu's Lovely New Bride-569.Chapter 551 You Have A Brotherc551
07 Aug, 2020The Tale Never Ends-335.Chapter 302 Adventure Debriefc302[v7]
07 Aug, 2020Medical Princess-489.Chapter 486 A Box Unnoticed in The Dark Corner of The Quiet Roomc486
07 Aug, 2020The Devious First-Daughter-458.Chapter 458 The "Deep Affection" Between Ning Ziyan and Ning Yulingc458
07 Aug, 2020Lady Lin’s First-ever Journey to Immortality-455.Chapter 453 Divine Inspiration (II)c453[v10]
07 Aug, 2020Heyday Love: A Heaven-sent Husband-453.Chapter 453 I Did Thatc453