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Translation index

Date Title Chapter
19 Feb, 2020Hunting for Love for 101 Times-182.Chapter 181 You can leave nowc181
19 Feb, 2020Medical Princess-279.Chapter 276 Butterfly Clothing Shop Officially Opensc276
19 Feb, 2020The Devious First-Daughter-279.Chapter 279 Some Coincidences Made Her Countermeasure Slightly Superiorc279
19 Feb, 2020Lady Lin’s First-ever Journey to Immortality-286.Chapter 285 A Battle of Stratagemc285
19 Feb, 2020100% Love from the Boss-285.Chapter 278 Chu Tong Got Hurtc278
19 Feb, 2020Heyday Love: A Heaven-sent Husband-285.Chapter 285 The Threat with Deathc285
19 Feb, 2020Buy a Daddy to Baby My Mommy-288.Chapter 285 An Ulterior Motivec285
19 Feb, 2020The Complete Guide to Rearing an Alien Boyfriend-149.Chapter 148 Game of Life and Deathc148
19 Feb, 2020Stunning Poisonous Doctor Princess-286.Chapter 285 The Literature Garden in North Towerc285
19 Feb, 2020Open a Clinic to Cultivate Myself-286.Chapter 285 A Latex Mattress in the Battlefieldc285
19 Feb, 2020Tranxending Vision-443.Chapter 440 - The Secret of Mapsc440
19 Feb, 2020Supreme Emperor of Swords-399.Chapter 396 A Weird Gatheringc396[v1]
19 Feb, 2020The Transcendent Immortal-403.Chapter 396 Lady Ambassador in Redc396
19 Feb, 2020An Exclusive love-402.Chapter 400 Liuliu's Troublec400
19 Feb, 2020Sovereign to Immortality-120.Chapter 118 - Suspicionc118[v1]
19 Feb, 2020Return of the Net Gaming Monarch-440.Chapter 440 - Pet Evolutionc440
19 Feb, 2020Warlord-444.Chapter 440 - Division (2)c440
19 Feb, 2020Repugnant Gateway-445.Chapter 440 - Killing a Cityc440
19 Feb, 2020Upgrade Specialist in Another World-593.Chapter 587: And a Second (First)c587[v4]
19 Feb, 2020Imperial God Emperor-579.Chapter 595, Become a good person in your next lifec595
19 Feb, 2020Talisman Emperor-600.Chapter 597 – Blackhole Worldc597
19 Feb, 2020Lord of all Realms-578.Chapter 577: A Freak?c577
19 Feb, 2020Sundering Nature-233.Chapter 233c233[v9]
19 Feb, 2020Phoenix Ascending-377.Chapter 377: I’ll Follow You to Hellc377
19 Feb, 2020Against the Gods-621.Chapter 617 - Flames of Vengeance (1)c617
19 Feb, 2020Divine Throne of Primordial Blood-621.Chapter 475: Sea of Clouds Auction (4)c475[v6]
19 Feb, 2020The Complete Guide to the Use and Care of a Personal Assistant-130.Chapter 123c123
19 Feb, 2020Sweet Chief Secretary-402.Chapter 400 A Reason Is Not Needed When Saving Peoplec400
19 Feb, 2020Boss Mo's Predestined Love Brought by Surrogacy-182.Chapter 181 A whole familyc181
19 Feb, 2020Cyber Ghosts-186.Chapter 183 Yunzhongzi, Keen Words & Vimalakic183