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Translation index

Date Title Chapter
20 Jul, 2019Medical Princess-63.Chapter 62 Our Eldest Lady Is Your Employorc62
20 Jul, 2019The Devious First-Daughter-62.Chapter 62 The Sick Civet Catc62
20 Jul, 2019100% Love from the Boss-69.Chapter 64 A Notice of Critical Illnessc64
20 Jul, 2019Buy a Daddy to Baby My Mommy-72.Chapter 71 There Is Something Wrong!c71
20 Jul, 2019Stunning Poisonous Doctor Princess-71.Chapter 71 A Vicious Planc71
20 Jul, 2019Open a Clinic to Cultivate Myself-71.Chapter 71 The Top Show Businessc71
20 Jul, 2019Tranxending Vision-336.Chapter 333 - Not an Approachc333
20 Jul, 2019Supreme Emperor of Swords-185.Chapter 182 Eruption of Killing Movec182[v1]
20 Jul, 2019The Transcendent Immortal-187.Chapter 182 Versus Ling Jingshanc182
20 Jul, 2019Super Urban Master-189.Chapter 186 Promotion to the Third Stage of the Late Periodc186
20 Jul, 2019An Exclusive love-188.Chapter 186 The Condition Is That You Can't Touch Other Women.c186
20 Jul, 2019Return of the Net Gaming Monarch-333.Chapter 333 - Immense Explosive Forcec333
20 Jul, 2019Warlord-337.Chapter 333 - Star Traveller Weapons (1)c333
20 Jul, 2019Repugnant Gateway-337.Chapter 333 - Monster speciesc333
20 Jul, 2019Upgrade Specialist in Another World-379.Chapter 373: Dual Flame Arts: Coil!c373[v8]
20 Jul, 2019Imperial God Emperor-365.Chapter 363 - Qiu Fenghanc363
20 Jul, 2019Talisman Emperor-386.Chapter 383 – The Divine Thrones Emergec383
20 Jul, 2019Lord of all Realms-364.Chapter 363: Fallc363
20 Jul, 2019Against the Gods-407.Chapter 403 - Black Moon’s Seventh Floorc403
20 Jul, 2019The Best Actor's Courtship: Miss Scriptwriter, Please Love Me!-182.Chapter 182 You Will Get Karma for Being So Evil-heartedc182
20 Jul, 2019Sweet Chief Secretary-187.Chapter 186 Don't Come Out and Embarrass Yourselfc186
20 Jul, 2019Cyber Ghosts-104.Chapter 104 No Wonder You're Poorc104
20 Jul, 2019The King of Special Warfare-183.Chapter 182 The Kind And Evil Intentionsc182
20 Jul, 2019Give Me Your Hands and Marry Me-191.Chapter 182 Whose Child?c182
19 Jul, 2019The Fantastic Super Vision-95.Chapter 95 Zisha Came to Find Himc95
19 Jul, 2019Online Game: Don't Heal the Others-96.Chapter 95 Become a Streamerc95
19 Jul, 2019Amazing Doctor With Super Vision-103.Chapter 103 Class Reunionc103
19 Jul, 2019The Venerable Swordsman-95.Chapter 95 Beat Me to Death, Please!c95
19 Jul, 2019Reborn: Femme Fatale First Daughter-103.Chapter 103 There Was No Way out, And Mo He Was Oustedc103
19 Jul, 2019Reboot: Immortality Cultivation Era-106.Chapter 103 Practice Calligraphy before Practicing Swordc103