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Translation index

Date Title Chapter
24 Jan, 2020Hunting for Love for 101 Times-155.Chapter 155 You don’t have to rack your brain to do thisc155
24 Jan, 2020Medical Princess-252.Chapter 250 Qi Brothers Camec250
24 Jan, 2020The Devious First-Daughter-253.Chapter 253 How Could Family Affairs Be More Important than National Affairs?c253
24 Jan, 2020Lady Lin’s First-ever Journey to Immortality-260.Chapter 259 Here Comes The Apprenticec259
24 Jan, 2020100% Love from the Boss-258.Chapter 252 Don’t Touch Mec252
24 Jan, 2020Heyday Love: A Heaven-sent Husband-259.Chapter 259 Yi Yunrui’s Strange Behaviorsc259
24 Jan, 2020Buy a Daddy to Baby My Mommy-260.Chapter 259 Enough Yet?c259
24 Jan, 2020Stunning Poisonous Doctor Princess-260.Chapter 259 Ruthless Dark Artsc259
24 Jan, 2020Open a Clinic to Cultivate Myself-260.Chapter 259 Banquet at Hongmenc259
24 Jan, 2020Tranxending Vision-430.Chapter 427 - Loving Heartc427
24 Jan, 2020Supreme Emperor of Swords-373.Chapter 370 The Battlefield of the Skyc370[v1]
24 Jan, 2020The Transcendent Immortal-377.Chapter 370 Miasma Mountain Rangec370
24 Jan, 2020An Exclusive love-376.Chapter 374 Bai Ziqi Was Courting Deathc374
24 Jan, 2020Sovereign to Immortality-107.Chapter 105 - Trackingc105[v1]
24 Jan, 2020Return of the Net Gaming Monarch-427.Chapter 427 - Sky orcc427
24 Jan, 2020Warlord-431.Chapter 427 - Beacon (II)c427
24 Jan, 2020Repugnant Gateway-432.Chapter 427 - Da Xi'anc427
24 Jan, 2020Upgrade Specialist in Another World-567.Chapter 561: Mysterious Patternc561[v4]
24 Jan, 2020Imperial God Emperor-553.Chapter 569, Lotus Flower sword attack (2)c569
24 Jan, 2020Talisman Emperor-574.Chapter 571 – Ficklec571
24 Jan, 2020Lord of all Realms-552.Chapter 551: Eliminating Suspicionc551
24 Jan, 2020Sundering Nature-220.Chapter 220c220[v9]
24 Jan, 2020Phoenix Ascending-351.Chapter 351: Eliminating the Threatc351
24 Jan, 2020Against the Gods-595.Chapter 591 - Little Demon Empress’ Crisisc591
24 Jan, 2020Divine Throne of Primordial Blood-595.Chapter 449: Sentimental Attractionc449[v6]
24 Jan, 2020Destroyer of Ice and Fire-349.Chapter 347: Finally, Just Chrisc347
24 Jan, 2020Master of the Stars-385.Chapter 383: A Large Tonic (Part 2/2)c383[v7]
24 Jan, 2020The Complete Guide to the Use and Care of a Personal Assistant-117.Chapter 110c110
24 Jan, 2020Sweet Chief Secretary-376.Chapter 374 Don't Have Time to Talk to Youc374
24 Jan, 2020Boss Mo's Predestined Love Brought by Surrogacy-156.Chapter 155 Go to the airportc155