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Translation index

Date Title Chapter
13 Dec, 2019Hunting for Love for 101 Times-113.Chapter 113 Treat me as another womanc113
13 Dec, 2019Medical Princess-209.Chapter 208 Sending Two Palace Maidsc208
13 Dec, 2019The Devious First-Daughter-211.Chapter 211 What? She Is Third Young Lady!c211
13 Dec, 2019Lady Lin’s First-ever Journey to Immortality-218.Chapter 217 Buddha in the Mountainc217
13 Dec, 2019100% Love from the Boss-216.Chapter 210 Chu Wei’s Younger Brother Is Chu Tongc210
13 Dec, 2019Heyday Love: A Heaven-sent Husband-217.Chapter 217 Chasing the Sourcec217
13 Dec, 2019Buy a Daddy to Baby My Mommy-218.Chapter 217 It’s My Fault. I’m Sorry.c217
13 Dec, 2019Stunning Poisonous Doctor Princess-217.Chapter 217 Ruthless Approachc217
13 Dec, 2019Open a Clinic to Cultivate Myself-217.Chapter 217 A Core of the Size of a Volleyballc217
13 Dec, 2019Tranxending Vision-409.Chapter 406 - blast assault riflec406
13 Dec, 2019Supreme Emperor of Swords-331.Chapter 328 The Fate of Cannon Fodderc328[v1]
13 Dec, 2019The Transcendent Immortal-335.Chapter 328 Snake Metamorphosisc328
13 Dec, 2019Super Urban Master-335.Chapter 332 The Old Road Ended, A New Journey Startedc332
13 Dec, 2019An Exclusive love-334.Chapter 332 Time Will Come for You to Cryc332
13 Dec, 2019Sovereign to Immortality-85.Chapter 84 - Cooperationc84[v1]
13 Dec, 2019Return of the Net Gaming Monarch-406.Chapter 406 - The Powerful Undead Monarch Hathawayc406
13 Dec, 2019Warlord-410.Chapter 406 - Sunrise (2)c406
13 Dec, 2019Repugnant Gateway-411.Chapter 406 - Thank Youc406
13 Dec, 2019Upgrade Specialist in Another World-525.Chapter 519: Tianhun Academyc519[v4]
13 Dec, 2019Imperial God Emperor-511.Chapter 527, Returned to landc527
13 Dec, 2019Talisman Emperor-532.Chapter 529 – The Power of Divinityc529
13 Dec, 2019Lord of all Realms-510.Chapter 509: Brawlc509
13 Dec, 2019Sundering Nature-199.Chapter 199c199[v9]
13 Dec, 2019Phoenix Ascending-309.Chapter 309: Unexpected Dangerc309
13 Dec, 2019Against the Gods-553.Chapter 549 - “Mutual Destruction”c549
13 Dec, 2019Divine Throne of Primordial Blood-552.Chapter 407: Water Battle (2)c407[v5]
13 Dec, 2019Destroyer of Ice and Fire-343.Chapter 341: The First Challengec341
13 Dec, 2019Master of the Stars-371.Chapter 369: Disposing Milk (Part 2/3)c369[v7]
13 Dec, 2019Era-Of-Disaster-266.Chapter 263: Madnessc263[v3]
13 Dec, 2019The Complete Guide to the Use and Care of a Personal Assistant-96.Chapter 89c89