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Translation index

Date Title Chapter
06 Jun, 2020Sundering Nature-286.Chapter 286c286[v9]
06 Jun, 2020Against the Gods-730.Chapter 725 - Atoning for the Sins of the Fatherc725
06 Jun, 2020Divine Throne of Primordial Blood-729.Chapter 583: Theurgical Artc583[v7]
06 Jun, 2020Sweet Chief Secretary-510.Chapter 508 Nobody Is Cannier than Shen Yanc508
06 Jun, 2020Boss Mo's Predestined Love Brought by Surrogacy-291.Chapter289 A smart womanc289
06 Jun, 2020Godly Stay-Home Dad-578.Chapter 567 Only Three Strokesc567[v172]
06 Jun, 2020The King of Special Warfare-506.Chapter 504 Trial Day · Invincible Realm Battlefield (10)c504
05 Jun, 2020The Fantastic Super Vision-417.Chapter 417 Be Beaten Heavilyc417
05 Jun, 2020Online Game: Don't Heal the Others-326.Chapter 324 Be Forcedc324
05 Jun, 2020Amazing Doctor With Super Vision-370.Chapter 369 Let Me Be Comfortable for a Whilec369
05 Jun, 2020Lady Su's Revenge-292.Chapter 289 Treasure Presentingc289
05 Jun, 2020The Venerable Swordsman-420.Chapter 417 I Am Jian Zizai!c417
05 Jun, 2020Reborn: Femme Fatale First Daughter-428.Chapter 428 Persuasion, Pay a Visit to Li's Manorc428
05 Jun, 2020Reboot: Immortality Cultivation Era-433.Chapter 425 Xuan Siyuc425
05 Jun, 2020Top Furious Doctor Soldier-438.Chapter 425 Be Seriously Injuredc425
05 Jun, 2020Destined Wife: The Apple of My Eye-427.Chapter 425 Their Honeymoon 9c425
05 Jun, 2020Reborn Girl's New Life-316.Chapter 309 To Race Against the Clockc309
05 Jun, 2020Reincarnation - The Divine Doctor and Stay-at-home Dad-458.Chapter 456 Special Hobby?c456
05 Jun, 2020The Medical Guru-456.Chapter 456 Continual Discovery!c456[v2]
05 Jun, 2020The Divine Martial Stars-464.Chapter 453 Bright Saint Beingc453[v1]
05 Jun, 2020The Emperor Reigns Them All-455.Chapter 454 The Hidden Friend?c454[v1]
05 Jun, 2020The Devilish Immortal-331.Chapter 330 Inconstancy of Human Relationshipsc330
05 Jun, 2020Wild Princess: Marrying an Ugly Prince-313.Chapter 308 Pulled Through to Meet Youc308[v5]
05 Jun, 2020Young Master Lu's Lovely New Bride-506.Chapter 488 Did He Harass You?c488
05 Jun, 2020Medical Sovereign-474.Chapter 467 Escapec467
05 Jun, 2020Hunting for Love for 101 Times-289.Chapter 288 You couldn’t get inc288
05 Jun, 2020Medical Princess-391.Chapter 388 Threatening Nanny Zhouc388
05 Jun, 2020The Devious First-Daughter-388.Chapter 388 Ning Qingshan's Obsessionc388
05 Jun, 2020Lady Lin’s First-ever Journey to Immortality-394.Chapter 392 Selling the Fox Down the Mountainc392[v10]
05 Jun, 2020100% Love from the Boss-392.Chapter 385 Sweet Engagementc385