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Translation index

Date Title Chapter
03 Aug, 2020Reborn: Femme Fatale First Daughter-529.Chapter 529 Madam Lian's Apologyc529
03 Aug, 2020Reboot: Immortality Cultivation Era-507.Chapter 498 Can I Trust You?c498
03 Aug, 2020The Coming Heroine: The Only Princess-302.Chapter 298 The Story about the Female Monsterc298
03 Aug, 2020Top Furious Doctor Soldier-525.Chapter 512 To Give You a Chancec512
03 Aug, 2020Destined Wife: The Apple of My Eye-500.Chapter 498 The Childe in the Tang Family Lives Off A Girl 65c498
03 Aug, 2020Teleportations — I Wanna Be An Online Celebrity-334.Chapter 333 Hope Ignitedc333
03 Aug, 2020Reborn Girl's New Life-403.Chapter 396 Sink or Swimc396
03 Aug, 2020Reincarnation - The Divine Doctor and Stay-at-home Dad-559.Chapter 557 Two Swordsmen of Laoshan Mountainc557
03 Aug, 2020The Medical Guru-550.Chapter 550 Turning What Was Make-believe into Truth!c550[v2]
03 Aug, 2020The Divine Martial Stars-537.Chapter 526 The Chaotic Natural Qic526[v1]
03 Aug, 2020The Emperor Reigns Them All-514.Chapter 513 Come and Kill Me If You Canc513[v1]
03 Aug, 2020The Devilish Immortal-413.Chapter 412 The Xueyue Manorc412
03 Aug, 2020Young Master Lu's Lovely New Bride-565.Chapter 547 Not All Unrequited Stubbornness Could Lead to a Good Resultc547
03 Aug, 2020Strongest Counterattack-486.Chapter 466 Here Begins the Second Half Showc466
03 Aug, 2020The Tale Never Ends-327.Chapter 294 Separated Incarnationc294[v7]
03 Aug, 2020Medical Sovereign-533.Chapter 526 Freeing Her from the Troublec526
03 Aug, 2020Blood Moon Hunters-331.Chapter 330 A Nightmarec330
03 Aug, 2020Hunting for Love for 101 Times-355.Chapter 354 There was no chance to turn overc354
03 Aug, 2020Medical Princess-485.Chapter 482 Let us Wait Slowly, I'm Not in a Hurry!c482
03 Aug, 2020The Devious First-Daughter-454.Chapter 454 With Scruple, She Cannot Afford to Gamblec454
03 Aug, 2020Lady Lin’s First-ever Journey to Immortality-453.Chapter 451 The Book Named Taoc451[v10]
03 Aug, 2020Heyday Love: A Heaven-sent Husband-451.Chapter 451 The New Presidentc451
03 Aug, 2020Buy a Daddy to Baby My Mommy-454.Chapter 451 Kill the Two Womenc451
03 Aug, 2020Stunning Poisonous Doctor Princess-481.Chapter 479 The Horse Kicked Its Front Hooves.c479
03 Aug, 2020Open a Clinic to Cultivate Myself-466.Chapter 465 Steel Rosesc465
03 Aug, 2020Tranxending Vision-526.Chapter 523 - Spear and Shieldc523
03 Aug, 2020Supreme Emperor of Swords-565.Chapter 562 Born from the Same Family (2)c562[v1]
03 Aug, 2020The Transcendent Immortal-541.Chapter 534 Preparation for Counterattackc534
03 Aug, 2020Sovereign to Immortality-203.Chapter 201 - Badc201[v1]
03 Aug, 2020Return of the Net Gaming Monarch-523.Chapter 523 - Donec523