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Translation index

Date Title Chapter
03 Aug, 2020Warlord-527.Chapter 523 - Silent Continent 1c523
03 Aug, 2020Repugnant Gateway-528.Chapter 523 - Peach trees, again peach treesc523
03 Aug, 2020Upgrade Specialist in Another World-759.Chapter 753: A Hero Saving the Maidenc753[v4]
03 Aug, 2020Imperial God Emperor-745.Chapter 761 I Must Have Been Influenced by That Dogc761
03 Aug, 2020Talisman Emperor-766.Chapter 763 – Ascending To The Exalted Rankc763
03 Aug, 2020Lord of all Realms-744.Chapter 743: Bluffingc743
03 Aug, 2020Sundering Nature-315.Chapter 315c315[v9]
03 Aug, 2020Against the Gods-788.Chapter 783 - Blooming of the Udumbarac783
03 Aug, 2020Divine Throne of Primordial Blood-787.Chapter 641: Spiritual Energy (2)c641[v7]
03 Aug, 2020Boss Mo's Predestined Love Brought by Surrogacy-377.Chapter 375 Pretended to be sickc375
03 Aug, 2020Godly Stay-Home Dad-664.Chapter 653 Refusal to Cooperatec653[v172]
03 Aug, 2020The King of Special Warfare-564.Chapter 562 The Rudiments of Empire (II)c562
02 Aug, 2020The Fantastic Super Vision-517.Chapter 517 The Yunshen Hammerc517
02 Aug, 2020Online Game: Don't Heal the Others-403.Chapter 401 Fetterc401
02 Aug, 2020Amazing Doctor With Super Vision-428.Chapter 427 The Island of Womenc427
02 Aug, 2020Lady Su's Revenge-357.Chapter 354 A Big Ratc354
02 Aug, 2020The Venerable Swordsman-492.Chapter 489 Ye Xuan Disappeared!c489
02 Aug, 2020Reborn: Femme Fatale First Daughter-528.Chapter 528 Madam Ming Checked Paintings in King Xuan's Manorc528
02 Aug, 2020Reboot: Immortality Cultivation Era-506.Chapter 497 I Finally Find Youc497
02 Aug, 2020The Coming Heroine: The Only Princess-300.Chapter 296 The Heart of Young Girlc296
02 Aug, 2020Top Furious Doctor Soldier-524.Chapter 511 Go awayc511
02 Aug, 2020Destined Wife: The Apple of My Eye-499.Chapter 497 The Childe in the Tang Family Lives Off A Girl 64c497
02 Aug, 2020Teleportations — I Wanna Be An Online Celebrity-332.Chapter 331 Termination of Employmentc331
02 Aug, 2020Reborn Girl's New Life-402.Chapter 395 Shao Xue Jumped Into the Trapc395
02 Aug, 2020Reincarnation - The Divine Doctor and Stay-at-home Dad-558.Chapter 556 Xuanwu Jade Pendantc556
02 Aug, 2020The Medical Guru-549.Chapter 549 Being Kicked Away After Being Made Use of by Fang Qiu!c549[v2]
02 Aug, 2020The Divine Martial Stars-536.Chapter 525 Bitter Starc525[v1]
02 Aug, 2020The Emperor Reigns Them All-513.Chapter 512 The Reason of The Growthc512[v1]
02 Aug, 2020The Devilish Immortal-412.Chapter 411 The Pantheon Sectc411
02 Aug, 2020Young Master Lu's Lovely New Bride-564.Chapter 546 I'd Like to See How My Rival in Love Gets Defeatedc546