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Translation index

Date Title Chapter
09 Dec, 2019Godly Stay-Home Dad-387.Chapter 377 Yuan Qing Fruitc377[v172]
09 Dec, 2019The King of Special Warfare-326.Chapter 324 The Sun and Moon in the Palmc324
09 Dec, 2019Give Me Your Hands and Marry Me-334.Chapter 324 Mother's Grandpac324
08 Dec, 2019The Fantastic Super Vision-237.Chapter 237 Get Tired of Being Alive?c237
08 Dec, 2019Online Game: Don't Heal the Others-236.Chapter 234 Misunderstanding?c234
08 Dec, 2019Amazing Doctor With Super Vision-189.Chapter 189 The Policewoman Bodyguardc189
08 Dec, 2019Lady Su's Revenge-111.Chapter 109 Luo Yichenc109
08 Dec, 2019The Venerable Swordsman-237.Chapter 237 Jungle Justice!c237
08 Dec, 2019Reborn: Femme Fatale First Daughter-245.Chapter 245 Suspicion and Bai Yihao The Physicianc245
08 Dec, 2019Reboot: Immortality Cultivation Era-248.Chapter 245 Fetch the Long Swordc245
08 Dec, 2019The Coming Heroine: The Only Princess-174.Chapter 171 Hard to Find Out Whyc171
08 Dec, 2019Top Furious Doctor Soldier-258.Chapter 245 Brother Feng Will Take You to Jump Into the Seac245
08 Dec, 2019Destined Wife: The Apple of My Eye-247.Chapter 245 Yan Hua Is Missingc245
08 Dec, 2019Late Night Tales Of The Capital-164.Chapter 163 What's So Hard About That?c163
08 Dec, 2019Reborn Girl's New Life-134.Chapter 129: Saying You Love Mec129
08 Dec, 2019Reincarnation - The Divine Doctor and Stay-at-home Dad-275.Chapter 274 The Most Powerful Strengthc274
08 Dec, 2019The Medical Guru-274.Chapter 274 Only Learned for Six Monthsc274[v2]
08 Dec, 2019The Divine Martial Stars-282.Chapter 273 The Magical Secular Swordc273[v1]
08 Dec, 2019The Emperor Reigns Them All-274.Chapter 274 Saved from Under the Swordc274[v1]
08 Dec, 2019The Devilish Immortal-271.Chapter 270 Before the Battlec270
08 Dec, 2019Super War Soldier-274.Chapter 274 Dumbass Killed a Personc274[v2]
08 Dec, 2019Wild Princess: Marrying an Ugly Prince-133.Chapter 128: Two Knives, Blood Flowing Like a Streamc128[v2]
08 Dec, 2019The General’s Genius Daughter-293.Chapter 290 Heartbrokenc290
08 Dec, 2019Young Master Lu's Lovely New Bride-325.Chapter 308 Lu Boyan, we are divorced (3)c308
08 Dec, 2019Hubby, Your Fox Fairy Wants Everything-157.Chapter 151 The Silver-Haired Person Was a Part of Hun Kunc151
08 Dec, 2019Medical Sovereign-291.Chapter 287 Black Boxing Championc287
08 Dec, 2019Blood Moon Hunters-181.Chapter 181 The Hunters' Union Was Shockedc181
08 Dec, 2019Hunting for Love for 101 Times-108.Chapter 108 She hatched a sinister plotc108
08 Dec, 2019Medical Princess-204.Chapter 203 When Did You Meet the Man from Outsidec203
08 Dec, 2019The Devious First-Daughter-206.Chapter 206 Maybe Nothing Bad Happened to My Familyc206