Mo Yan’s Transmigration Inside The Book

After the ordinary woman Mo Yan read a novel recommended by her colleague, an earthquake happened and she transmigrated into the body of a tragic woman with the same name […]

The Supreme Lord Donghuang

Zhou Donghuang, a man from the Earth, is able to destroy any planet in the universe without lifting a finger. His supreme will can sweep across the vast cosmos in […]

Fall in Love with Mr. Nian Slowly

It was supposed to be a perfect deal in which both parties got what they needed. However, after the child was born, he tore up the agreement with discontent and […]

Husband You’re so Bad

Five years ago, on the eve of their wedding, she fled with his best friend and made him a joke. However, her life was not so beautiful! They met again […]

There is No Reason for Me to Bully You

At the school graduation ceremony, Victoria suddenly told about their engagement annulment by the Crown Prince. But Victoria, no matter how much she was condemned, she doesn’t show any worry at […]

The Splendid Daily Life of the Mother Devouring Princess

The Prince believed every one of that woman’s lies and broke off his engagement with me. Even when I cried and begged for them to stop, that woman’s hired thugs […]

The Me Who Wants To Escape The Princess Training

The prince, who had a fiancee, was waiting upon a lady that wasn’t me. Then that means, he’s breaking it off? “Finally–!” With this, I’m delighted that I can finally […]

Slow Prison Life

During a party one evening in the royal palace, Rachel, the eldest daughter of Duke Ferguson, was reproached by Prince Elliot for sins she didn’t remember committing and their engagement […]

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