Watashi, Dokidoki Renai Kakumei de Onii-chan Yattemasu

I’m a very ordinary girl who had no interest in otome games, but was suddenly sucked into the world of a cliche Otome game, Heartthrob Love Revolution. That’s all well […]

Tomorrow, I Will Die. You Will Revive

Born with a scary face Sakamoto Akizuki has always been feared in his school, however one night he witnesses a girl’s death. He is faced with a choice where he […]

Originally, I Was A Delinquent, But Now I’m A Serious Girl!

I was a former delinquent, but when I entered high school I got serious. My grades aren’t good, but my behaviour is adequate. I have 0 friends because of my […]

I Am Supreme

I am Supreme Spread or announce my might in the world, I am the Supreme Medicinal material is poison if it cannot cure; a man who does not become a […]


“Musketeer Code – no all for one, just one for all.” Gibbs, Ray, KJ and Troll – a group of the most popular male students that had the best relationship […]

Chuuko demo Koi ga Shitai!

Aramiya Seiichi is an ordinary high school… eroge otaku who’s given up all hope on girls in the 3D world due to a certain incident. One day, after he’s bought […]