Pink Conspiracy

Singing while riding a horse, young and handsome. When her eyes laid their first glance at him, she knew that in this lifetime, this youth would not walk out of […]

The Law of Web Novels

Ham Dani, a normal student who’s hobbies were to read novels. One day she woke up and find the girl next-door is beautiful as a web novel protagonist. And in […]

Tsurune: Kazemai Koukou Kyuudoubu

Tsurune follows Minato, a boy who used to be really into kyudo (Japanese archery) until something happened at his last competition in middle school, after which he lost his confidence […]

Rebirth Of A Virtuous Wife

The Prince of Su Wang, Chu Ba Ning is not famous because of his great status and power, but because legend has it that whoever becomes his wife will be […]

The Second Coming of Gluttony

He was an addict, a loser, a despicable human being. But, one fleeting dream that may not be a dream at all reawakens his once-lost senses. Possessing a very unique […]

NPC Survival Guide

Have you ever wondered why so many coincidences happen in a novel? Why the protagonist has to go on countless adventures or the question as to why the perfect solution to a […]

Marilyn Likes Lariensa Too Much!

Marilyn Roner was a friend of the heroine in the novel. ‘I’ll do my best to be a good friend’ I was just trying to keep him in check so […]

Sage Monarch

Yang Qi was the son of the patriarch of a wealthy family from a small town. Believing himself to be in love, he stole a pill for his lover, only […]

Only Sense Online (WN)

Yun is a novice MMO player who equipped only unpopular skills labelled as garbage. However, soon after the official launch of the game, the NPC stopped to sell Recovery Potion. […]

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