Road of the King

“There isn’t anyone who can take a hit from me. If there is, then it must be that I deliberately spare him.” – Liu Yun “You pervert scum!” Rias Gremory […]

City Lady-Killer

Lin Tianlong, 19 years old, a polytechnic school graduate. With mastery and control over electrical energy, he displays his unparalleled sagely medical skills, accepting the hearts of beauties on the […]

The Marquis’ Eldest Son’s Lascivious Story

A Japanese salary man was reincarnated in a different world with swords and magics. He reincarnated into a family of a powerful noble. When he reached twelve years old, on […]

The Life I Started with My Step-sisters(?)

Mitsuru Takahashi is a 19 years old technical college student, who has a preference for early teens, especially middle schoolers. He grew up in a motherless family with only his […]

Soul Eater of the Rebellion

The Mitsurugi household was given the important task of guarding the demon gate by the emperor. Sora Mitsurugi, who was the heir of the family, was called on to take […]

Sacred Chevalier

The world of Goddess Ueros. Men can only get sexually aroused once or twice per month. But both men and women receive the Goddess’s blessing through sexual intercourse. Women would […]

No Protection Tonight

Zhuang Feng is in his last year of high school, and he’s just moved to the city. He lives with his good-for-nothing cousin, who’s always on business trips falling for […]

God Emperor

Zhang Ruo Chen was the sole male heir of one of the nine emperors of the Kunlun Field. Ruo Chen’s father was known to all as the “Enlightened Emperor”, however […]

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