A Rose Dedicated to You

“You can look down on me, and reject me. I’m not asking you to understand me. ――― This is my love.” Countess Rosenstein is hated for being a selfish and […]

Fiancee Be Chosen By The Ring

Without any interest to socialize nor in romance, Aurora, a daughter of a Countess lives by embroidery alone. Suddenly in the middle of an evening party, an old fashioned ring […]

Magic Gems Gourmet

Thanks to the benevolence of a Goddess, I got reincarnated as a noble! It should have been fine, but the skill I received, [Toxin Decomposition EX], is too plain, and […]

The Job of an Imperial Concubine

To pass as an imperial concubine, one must be professional. Actually, the profession of an imperial concubine is pretty good. The emperor will accompany you in eating and drinking, and […]

The Princess is Going on Strike

Aeryl Frey Brixia had lived all her life hiding behind a mask. She was shunned by everyone including the father she craved affection from because of the ugly mark on […]

The Alexis Empire Chronicle

This was a story about the child the Alexis Empire’s emperor. He was deprived of his hometown. He was called as the ‘crossbreed’. To become someone who raise in the […]

The Daybreak

“Do you wanna make a bet? — If I survive, live for me and die for me.” Halka, a high school student who was summoned to another world, became a […]

The Hero Proposed to Me

Male lead, why do you propose to the villainess and not the heroine? Having the strongest man in the empire as father, the most beautiful woman as mother and three […]

A Fairy Tales for the Villains

Somehow, I found myself reincarnated as an extra from a reverse harem novel. Although a peasant girl, my family was relatively well-off thanks to my mother working as a nanny […]

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